Black Hole Variability 2010

International workshop for PhD students

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PSDs & states: observations

Tomaso Belloni: Low-Frequency Variability in X-Ray Binaries (slides)
Mariano Mendez: Heterodyning kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations (slides)
Andrea Sanna:Study of the properties of kHz QPOs in the transient source XTE J1701-462 (slides)
Maithili Kalamkar: Aperiodic variability study of the accreting millisecond pulsar IGR J17511-3057 (slides)
Paolo Soleri: Disentangling the complicated phenomenology of the neutron star X-ray binary Cir X-1 (slides)


PSDs & states: interpretation

Chris Done: Spectra and variability properties of accretion flows (slides, mp3)
Tao Chen:Timing properties of the black hole candidate XTE J1752-223 during the initial hard state of its 2009-2010 outburst (slides)
Adam Ingram: Low frequency QPOs: a precession model in the context of mass accretion rate fluctuations (slides)
Beike Hiemstra: X-ray variability of GRO J1655-40 in the soft state (slides)


Spectral timing & beyond the PSD

Phil Uttley: X-ray spectral-timing: methods and interpretation (slides, mp3)
Lucy Heil: The RMS-Flux relation in Black hole X-ray Binaries (slides)
Abderamen Zoghbi: Modelling soft lags in AGN (slides)
Simon Vaughan: Black hole variability from limited data (slides, mp3)
Tom Maccarone:The bispectrum and other higher order statistics (slides, mp3)


Wider picture: multiwavelength variability & BH unification

Teo Munoz Darias: Beyond X-ray timing: using reprocessing to map the geometry of X-ray binaries (slides, mp3)
Piergiorgio Casella: Beyond X-ray timing: fast multi-wavelength variability from jets in X-ray binaries (slides, mp3)
Ian McHardy: Black Hole Timing Unification (slides, mp3)
Matthew Middleton: Challenging times: a re-analysis of NGC5408 X-1 (slides)
Dimitrios Emmanoulopoulos: Probing quantum-gravity effects through blazar variability studies at very high energies (slides)